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The audio circulated on Facebook saying that Nervic Hospital is therefore incorrect

"Hey Himal, You've called to tell you something very important. " You may also find audio that has a male voice startin...

"Hey Himal,
You've called to tell you something very important. "

You may also find audio that has a male voice starting with these sentences in Facebook Messenger. In that message, two people were examined at Nervic Hospital while trying to provoke panic by saying that the corona virus had been shown to four people and spreading it to Nepal.

He is trying to make the listeners' minds know that this is not true. But saying no is not a fraudulent certificate. Rather than blindly believing in such things, let us consider the fact that this audio is incorrect and prevent it from spreading.

2) Nervic Hospital is not in Pulchowk
The audio is said to be from staff living near the working house at Nervic Hospital. But the poor did not know where the Nervic Hospital was. He is called Nervic Hospital in Pulchowk. Nervic is not in pulchok but not at Thapathali. You may never have gone to the poor. So he did not know that there was a Nervic Hospital near Thapathali's maternity home. Do you believe that a person who does not know where the hospital is is saying that the news is not true?

1) Only one voice over phone talks
The audio is made to call Himalayas to talk. But this is not a phone conversation. Because there is only one way on the phone. If you say 'Himal' then you should say 'no' or something like that. But this is just a drama about talking on the phone. If there is a phone conversation after saying one thing then the other side will get some answers. But Ekoro has spoken. There is also a phone conversation somewhere.

2) Another audio that is not called
It may sound as though you have called, but you do not hear it. Another type of audio is also circulating on Facebook. The guy who has the same voice says the same thing. But that doesn't make it like talking on the phone. He must have made another audio so that his mistake was discovered.

2) It is not possible to hide
Could it be true that people have died from coronary virus, as seen in the test for 2 while checking for 2? Did the government hide it? Could the media hide this too?

This is not possible. 1/3 cannot be hidden even when viewed from a corona test. One could doubt that this could have been done if there had been an issue within Nepal. But Corona is something of the world's attention. The World Health Organization (WHO) is also constantly monitoring the trials in Nepal. If the test is positive, then the report should be sent.

Similarly, if caution is caused by corona, you should be careful not to spread it to others. In this case, the funeral procession can also be difficult. Therefore, such things will not be concealed. Click here to see the World Health Organization's official Situation Report.

2) There is no corona test in the nerve
Nervic Hospital does not have to test whether the corona is positive or negative. So far, such tests have been done in the National Public Health Laboratory in Teku.

Why is such a noise spread?
Since this audio is sound, it does not take long for the police to record it. He seems to be in a mood to terrorize society. Otherwise, there is nothing to be gained by spreading such noise. This may have been spread because of the extremist tendency to want to terrorize others.

According to the Civil Code, spreading such false rumors can result in imprisonment for up to one year. Such is the provision-

७०. Not to spread false rumors: (1) To spread rumors, to spread publicity or to spread rumors without the intention of disrupting public peace, rioting, or disrupting Nepal's sovereignty, geographical or territorial integrity, or harmonious relations between different castes, castes or communities. Must not

(2) A person who commits or commits a crime pursuant to sub-section (1) shall be punished with imprisonment for a year or fine of up to ten thousand rupees or both.

What can you do for us?
Many such misinformation is now spreading. Another example is that the plane was said to be at home at 6pm as the aircraft sprayed against the corona from the sky.

It is also an infection like the corona virus. Information Transition. Infodemic. Just as you should wash your hands to prevent the corona from spreading, you should also be aware that such information should not be transmitted. If such audio comes to your messenger, you will not forward it to others. On the contrary, he should tell the sender not to send such a thing.

If you find any inaccurate, suspicious news or links on Facebook, do not share, like or comment on it. If you do, such wrongs can only spread. Only get information from sources that are very reliable.

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