In GoDaddy, you can earn !


In GoDaddy either you'll participate in their affiliate program otherwise you can purchase and sell domains. you'll do both also .

In order to participate in their affiliate program you would like to become a member of the program. they are doing not charge anything for becoming a member.

Please find the link to seek out more information on affiliate program,
Affiliate Program

If you've got good domain names in your mind then you'll buy the domain names then put them on Auction to sell them at higher price. so as to urge the auction membership you would like to pay Rs. 319/year to the GoDaddy. There are numerous people across the world who do this business. you want to purchase some catchy, interesting and meaningful domain names.

I suggest you rather than selling the domain names on auction, you'll list your domain names within the premium list that GoDaddy doesn’t charge anything.

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