Urstyle Airs its New Web Series , HAMRO HIGH SCHOOL!

Urstyle released its new web series , #HamroHighschool starring Cartoon Crewz Aashma Biswokarma and Saroj Adhikari , Anuska Adhikari , Sneha Poudel , Drishti Shrestha and  Bishwash Budhathoki. The webseries is Urstyle’s first projected web series.The web series is based on High School life. The web series is written by Sarin Pokharel and directed by Nitin Chand.

The Serial assurances love triangle between Malvika ( Asma ) , Aswin (Saroj) and Bhagirathi ( Anuska ) and tom cat fight between two these girls is to the point . Most of actors role looks interesting characteristics. I can’t wait forward to look for next episode!!

Watch the Trailer of #HamroHighSchool here !

Watch the very first episode of #HamroHighSchool here !

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