Sindhu Malla’s ‘Ahileko Teej’ has recently been released Featuring Barsha Raut & Barsha Siwakoti

Teej तीज is a Hindu fasting observed by Hindu women. It is dedicated to Goddess Pārbati. Teej falls on the third day of the first fortnight of the month of ‘Bhadra’. The festival continues three days and is celebrated by women in honor of Pārbati Ma. It is one of three Teej festivals and most popularly celebrated in the Nepal. Likewise, Teej Songs also one of the part of this festival. In Teej time, every single year, dozens of Teej songs have already been released. One of my best lok Singer Sindhu Malla also releases a Teej song (AHILEKO TEEJ).

A music video for Sindhu Malla’s ‘Ahileko Teej’ has recently been released and it’s more special than her previous Teej songs as it features two Actress of Nepali cinema industries — Barsha Raut & Barsha Siwakoti. The song written by Rajkumar Bagar and sung by Sindhu Malla. Music composed by Sudam Thapa. The music video shot by Arjun Tiwari and edited by Bharat Regmi. Music video is directed by Subrat Raj Acharya and assist by Jaya Sharma. Gambir Bista is the choreographer.

Watch the Music Video
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