Yama Buddha's Song 'Taaj' from his New album 'Khatra' has been released!

Official Audio of Yama Buddha performing "Taaj" from his new album "Khatra".
Produced by Nasty & ALEXX. I really love it and missed him terribly. Once Again Rap in Peace Bro!

Buddha released his "mixtape", a CD of 21 tracks in 2011. He was going to release his new album "Khatara" in the coming days. His most popular song was "Sathi". He was also the host of the widespread Nepalese show RAW BARZ.

Track listing

1. Album (Ekadesh)

·         Intro (feat. Rodit Bhandari)
·         Aama (feat. Mistah K)
·         Challenge
·         Yo Prasanga
·         Antya Ko Suruwat (feat. Leezum Bhutia)
·         Pagalpan
·         Jutta Maa
·         Kohi (feat. Aidray & Nattu)
·         Ktm Grime
·         Gtfoh (feat. Trisha)
·         Think Smart
·         Gimme That Beat

2. Album (Sathi)

3. Khatara - upcoming album

Yamma Buddha died on 14 January 2017.The singer was found dead in his bathroom at around 3 am. It was reported that the singer committed suicide in his residence in North London.

Your Legacy Will Live forever!
Legend never die <3

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