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There are only 6,400,000 Internet users in Nepal as of June, 2016.

The Facebook.com  is the most commanding social application till day.  Their statistics are simply remarkable!  Even Nepal has a increa...

The Facebook.com is the most commanding social application till day. Their statistics are simply remarkable! Even Nepal has a increasing number of users Facebook.
The comparatively lower number of Nepalese on Facebook is because the total number of internet users is low. According to Internet World Stats, there are only 6,400,000 Internet users as of June, 2016.
19.9% of the population of Nepal, according to IWS. Though this numeral most likely doesn’t take into account of Nepalese abroad, who are the main keen Facebook users as well. According to Facebook ads platform; Facebook has around 5-6 million monthly active users in Nepal. Back in 2014 there were only 4.1 million Facebook users in Nepal. Potential reach for social media users for now. Facebook is 6.5 million and Twitter is  2.5 million users.

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