Hrithik Roshan 3rd and Salman Khan 6th most handsome face in the world!

According to an online poll on, Hrithik Roshan has taken up the 3rd slot after hottest Robert Pattinson and Tom Cruise.
Bollywood My fav Dabang/Sultan #Salman Khan is #7 of the list. (Please don’t hold it against me for the Union joke, there). He beat Brad Pitt and Hugh Jackman to be there.

Here’s the rank-wise details of the divine faces.

10. Billy Unger
9. Hugh Jackman
8. Brad Pitt
7. Salman Khan
6. Omar Bokran Al Gala
5. Tom Hiddleston
4. Johnny Depp
3. Hrithik Roshan
2. Tom Cruise
1. Robert Pattinson

Note: - Handsomeness, around the World!

Tweet of Times Now@TimesNow
Hrithik Roshan beats top Hollywood stars Johnny Depp & Brad Pitt to emerge as the world's third most handsome face, says an online poll.

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