GosaiKunda Mela in Nepal

Gosaikunda is hindu’s highly worshiped holly place in Nepal. having ultimate number of fresh water lakes in height above 4610 M. You need to prepare 2-3 day before to get the holly place Gosaikunda. You can’t reach there in one day by foot.

You will find and experience what is Nepal all about in this journey. You will get Yak and Ship farming and their product in this area to have. You need to get their in Janaipurnima so that you can view the faith and culture of Hindu in this day. Mostly Jhakri (holly worshipper) get their to complete there holly course to be Jhakri for life time. Jhakri need to play drum along with the root to Gosaikunda.

Start Date:  2016/08/18

Venue:  Gosaikunda langtang

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