Do you know that you can also earn money online?

Do you know that you can also earn money online? In this detailed article, I’ll tell you various legit ways to earn money through online.
As the Internet is spreading all over the world, “How to earn money online?” has become one of the often asked question. Student, housewives and even salaried professional also looking for ways to earn extra money through Internet.

 If you work hard then you can earn good money from online job.  Many people in the Nepal are doing online work as their full time job. No headache of 9-5 office job and no headache of the boss. You can be your own boss. Work any time you want. You will earn extra cash in your spare time and it will not hamper your study also. Due to lack of right information on what are the clean and legal methods of making bucks from Internet, some people get trapped in scams as well.

But before that you must know and aware that there are lots of scam in the internet about Online Job. You must be aware of those fraudness. They advertise like "Earn $1000 a day", "$100 per hour ", "Earn $100 while you sleep". They all are scammers. You must be aware of them.

Yes, you can earn the above said money but it need's lots of commitment, period, knowledge and tough effort. Your requisite to make it full time, but for student whose main focus should be on their study, it's almost impossible to earn $100 or $1000 a day without huge investment of time or money. But as in Nepal, for student $100 per month is enough for the pocket money, which you can earn doing accessible Online jobs in your additional time without investment.

And, Don’t you worry, there are several ways in which you can utilize your skills and creativity to get earnings from NET. Today, I am going to share you about a few of such methods. Are you ready for an exciting ride? Here you go!

Note, that you must require a good computer skill and internet facilities to do the online job. So let's start,


Facebook is the most stop at social networking sites in the world. If you are understanding this article, then you must have Facebook account, if not then you can create one. Many peoples are spending most of their time on Facebook. So, speculating how do you earn money from Facebook? Create a page on Facebook on some unique topic, post updates on regular basis, build that page. Once you can massive fans on the page, then you can sell it through Facebook. There are lots of people who buy Facebook page on good price. You only need to invest your time. No money investment is compulsory to do this.


YouTube is the finest & easiest method to make money Online without investment. You must have use YouTube only for searching videos. But do you know? the publisher of the videos gets paid by YouTube for every views they get. You can also make from it. You don't need to have a professional movie camera. Your smartphone will do it for you. Record the interesting videos from your smartphone. Create a YouTube channel, monetize it with AdSense and when your videos got viral or get some views you will get start earning money without investment.


Obviously, this was going to be the first on my list (I am also a blogger at all). Blogging is the Online diary where one or more individuals post an article on any topic in chronological order and it's updated on regular basis. If you are good in any topic, then you can start your own blog. There are many platforms to start the blog. But for the newbie and student's is the best blogging platform. You can create a blog without investment and start publishing the article. Share the article on social networking sites. Once you start getting good amount of visitors then monetize it with AdSense. After that when someone visit your blog and click on your ads you will get some amount of money.

PTC Paid To Click

PTC is the another method to earn little cash without investment. We said little because it pays a very little amount per click. There are tons of PTC website's if you search on the Internet but most of them are scam and fake. So, before joining such website you must check the review of those website on the Internet. We recommend you to join or, if you want to work on PTC sites. After joining the website, they provide you the ads and you need to click that ads and for every click they pay as little as 0.01$ which is approx. NRs. 1. And worst part of it is there is a limitation of ads they provide your per day. So, we would not recommend, but if you are lazy, don't want to give work on blogging and YouTube then it's worth trying it.

I hope this information was useful for you. Please feel free to ask should you have any questions on this topic. I will be happy to try and help. Thanks.
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