Uber Agency Promo Video is out now!!!

‘Über Agency is a talent agency on a mission to become a bedrock to talented individuals to achieve their dreams in the glamour world. Its goal is to provide artist representation, consulting, counseling, and public relations to a broad spectrum of entertainers, namely: models, actors and singers. Uber’s primary concept is to serve the new and existing models, who will be interested in pursuing a career in fashion and modeling; while at the same time representing and managing professional actors and singers. Uber Agency’s mission is to become a leading talent agency with a focus on ethical representation of a diverse cross-section of models and artists.

In order to enter no matter what industry, professional background related to your business field is a must and experience is the compulsory bonus. Oshima Banu and Hrishant Bipashwa Rai both of whom between each other have more than 5 years of
professional background and experience in the fashion industry founded the Company. Through Über they strive to be a flagship to the fashion and art industry working with new modelling talents while at the same time with established professional artists ; promoting the local fashion and art field by not only developing the talents of the individuals but also by representing them.

Über Agency endeavors to create a community for those in fashion industry to learn and grow through its in-house workshops and trainings and puts in efforts to create exposure opportunities and a platform for the emerging talents through the medium of events to
showcase their talents. Extensive researching into trends and consumer insights, it delivers consummate value to its customers and artists with the right combination of style, convenience, quality and price.

Uber Agency Promo Video:

Coordinators: Oshima Banu and Hrishant Bipashwa Rai
Artists: Prina Maharjan, Reema Bishwokarma, Sipora Gurung, Amir Sheakh, Sanish Shakya
Wardrobe: Designed by MiMz (Mamta Gurung Joshi) available @House of Fashion
Stylist: Sagar Gurung
Videography by: Sujan Joshi
Supported by: @House of Fashion
Special thanks to: Bobby A Thapa and Sanjog Rai at Abstract Studios and Minnat Joshi
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